First Thing’s First

Setting the tone to our adventure together, I would like to make mention for those who are my main inspiration. So read carefully “I shall blog zis only once”;

The other Bowery

My Lil Sis – a rare beauty with as wacky a view on the world as me, proof that we all need a sibling.

The 1 Mr Christian

My main squeeze Mr Christian – the Rock to my Roll, and future Daddy coolest


My band of buddies – no matter how your life changes your true friends are steadfast, these guys……..

image image

Mummy Dearest and Stu Pops the source of my eternal positivity, shining examples of looking at the bright side of life, loving everyone and everything around them


Daddy Cool aka. Big Bill, and Ms Dubois role models, supporters and completely bonkers in their own rights

image image image

Finally the the most perfect pooch in the land Mr Marley Dog my little nutter

All these people are my world, they inspire me in their individuality and are always there when needed.

Thank you fromtheBowery

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