Think We’re Finally Grown Up

My world was turned upside down when I discovered me and Mr Christian were expecting. Being so non-maternal (thanks Mum), all my friends and family were beyond shocked. I’ve always said i was too selfish to be pregnant as I enjoy my socially active life, BBQ’s with lot of beer in the sunshine is my favourite summer activity. Miss Rush’s back garden being destination número uno for such occasions

Miss Rush, pictured in 1st post, announced her expectancy. Words cannot explain how happy I am, in the knowledge that my little girl will have a companion to grow up with. On top of this I now have a comrade who can share in the difficulty that is the sacrifices we make, when with child. Also so pleased that we get to share one of life’s most fabulous experiences.

I am over the moon for my friends wonderous news. Congratulations to the happy pair.


Last night at Miss Rush’s surprise 30th, organised by Sir Holden, we all looked like we’d finally come back from past morning and descended from the 2nd star to the right!!

We are no longer in Neverland people,  growing up into real life adults. Hoorah for us xx

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