New Decade, Perfect Life

After a few years of uncertainty, and a Smidge of hard graft, I’ve reached the goals I’d set myself at 11 years old…….with an unexpected one thrown in too.

Thanks to the amazing company I’ve joined I have been given the opportunity to realise my potential as a writer.

Since starting in April after what seemed like an everlasting maternity leave, I have become part of the Digital Marketing team at Signature Living.

This is a company with products that are so easy to write about it makes every day a dream come true. I hardly feel I can call it work. As for leaving my little one at home, she gets to stay with her Daddy for 4 days a week so he gets a real parenting experience that sadly most men will never get to have.

So I can now call myself a writer and can only hope that my skills will improve during my time at Signature Living. I’m still in shock that I’ve been given such an amazing opportunity, without having a degree this hands in learning doesn’t come by everybody so easy.

Guess you can say I’m one lucky lady, I own my own home, have my dream job and am part of a perfect little family.

Hurray to me 😃


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