The Best Bits of Barcelona

Better late than never I say. Went away with Mum and my Lil sis in a birthday break for my 30th. The terrible twosome surprised me with a trip after having had Sici and to mark the occasion of me getting on.

Safe to say I hated the thought of being in a different country to my lil bundle of joy, especially as she was only 6 months old. But how often do you get to go on an all expenses paid trip to Barcelona!

Here are the best bits of the trip, which I made sure I visited in quick succession to our arrival. We only had 5 days and I don’t know if anyone else has ever told you but Barcelona is huge.

The Architecture

From the simplest little streets to the impressive got his cathedrals, Barcelona is jam packed with jaw dropping buildings. Thanks in large part to Gaudi and his crazy tiling techniques.

 Stretched across the city my eyes were hardly ever looking where I was going.

The Street Art

To accompany the beautiful buildings were smatterings of unique colourful street art. Graffiti, sculptures performances all on display as you saunter the city streets.

The Food

The smells pouring out from every tiny street and doorway are enough to make your mouth water. Tapas are served almost everywhere and best thing was service was on til late. I consider myself a true European as I never like to eat early and love the rich picky style of a tapas tea. We had many different dinner and lunch experiences but by far the best was at Sensi. We rocked up at about 23:00 lucky to even get a seat, as the kitchen was closing up I asked the server to bring us whatever they had ready and were either eating themselves or throwing away. Risky but so worth it, the staff and kitchen made our night with gorgeous food wine to match and a friendly attitude. We didn’t end up leaving until after 01:00am feeling full and satisfied that we’d found the best tapas in Barcelona. I’d go back now just for that meal.

The Stunning Scenery

Such a massive place and so much to see left my Mum and Sister regretting handing the sightseeing reigns to me. I dragged them all across the city in different directions and even though there were some very tired feet we got to see some delightful sights along the way.

And finally the drinks

Mum me and the lil sis can certainly put away a fair bit of booze. With a cava fountain at breakfast there was no stopping us

So no traveller tips, commercial links just what is in Barcelona and why you need to go.

Until next time hopefully a little sooner


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