Mold Blues and Soul Fest

Out on a usual jaunt with the mummy and she just casually throws out “oh your sister is coming down this weekend to come with me to a soul and blues festival”. My reply…”er where was my invite”.

There’s nothing I love more than open air live music, especially when there’s food and booze involved.

Suffice to say invited myself and my little one along and I’m very glad I did.

My offspring learned all about the importance of Prosecco, and although she didn’t get a sip she was a professional clinkier by the end of the day.

The music provided by the super talented Connnie Lush was awesome as was the atmosphere.

I do feel the £20 entry fee was a little steep but I spose somebody had to pay the bands. With bottles of Prosecco at £13 a pop one can’t complain too much.

Me and a few of the finest ladies had a great day with superfoods and made some great friends to boot. 

Might be another addition to the annual festival calender.

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