4 Great Outfits for a Curvy Girl Going to Creamfields 2016

Even though these ladies are far from curvy this is where I and many others tend to get inspo from.

But how to get these outfits to suit a 5.3″ size 14? Challenge accepted.

Since I was younger I’ve always had my own style. I love fashion but I’m not nessecarily fashionable, I don’t follow fashion trends because they don’t tend to suit my sense of style or my bodyshape. Instead I borrow little bits from timeless looks I love and adapt them into my existing wardrobe.

When it comes to planning a wardrobe for events I’ve never been to before I will sometimes struggle. More so on this occasion because my body shape is different to what I’m used to dressing.

Safe to say I haven’t quite recovered my figure after having my little girl. This doesn’t bother me as much as it did at first, but I do occasionally miss my size 10/12 figure when it comes to forward planning outfits. I’m now a size 14/16 and I’m short too.

Recently we’ve seen a wonderful growth in fuller figured women in high fashion. Stunning women like Iskra Lawrence,Ashley Graham and Felicity Hayward. It’s really about time as not many of us are naturally super model size so it’s nice to have some representation finally.

Whilst these women are gorgeous they are also rocking their curves along with their height. For us shorties the same things that look slammin on them don’t nessecarily do us any justice.

You might think it’s the same for the slimmer bunch but it’s not as if your slim and you wear a crop top it might cut you off in a weird way but it doesn’t make you look wider, and if it does you can afford it. 

Sorry to waffle but I know where I’m coming from and I’m sure there are plenty of short fuller figured girls who understand too.

I have lately come to the conclusion that aslong as you feel confident in what you are wearing you can pull anything off. With that in mind I’m taking some risks with my style lately embracing my fuller figure and just enjoying life. See what you think of my choices for this years Creamfields.

Source; pinstripeandpearls.com

Outfit #1 – The 90’s style slip dress.

Purchased after reading Vogue and seeing super slim Alexa Chung donning her own version underneath an army style khaki jacket. 

Whilst Alexa’s version of this look involved a silver Clavin Klein style slip dress I swapped bum skimming for a midi. Sticking to the metallic as I loved the contrast between that and the rough khaki, embellished with a little pop of teal lace. (ASOS £12)

My own army jacket is one of my all time favourite wardrobe staples. Purchased from Urban Outfitters (£45) many moons ago, I love it today as much as I did then. 

Accesories for the look
: 90’s style tattoo choker, velvet choker with small onyx cross, golden chrome “wayfarers” (HnM £1) and leopard print ankle wellie chelsea boots (the only footwear throughout the following choices)

Outfit #2 – The 60’s mini dress

My inspiration for this one is unknown. Charity shopping in Wilmslow I happened upon a Newlook bargain. Tags still on and fits like a dream, a little out of my comfort zone but due to the fit this may well work. For the too I grabbed a HnM bargain with the burnt sienna string waistcoat. Only £5!

Now I wouldn’t usually pair these but a good friend and my lil sis both said this was a winner. The best is knee length too so takes away big thigh thoughts.

Outfit #3 -An Ode to Kate

HnM short shorts, a stolen Vivienne Westwood customised vest top (taken as a parting gift from an exe of sorts! As if I can afford Westwood), with fringed gem studded waistcoat.

I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from Kate Moss, me and another few billion folk! I know she’s got a fabulous figure that differs from mine in almost every way, but I admire the effortless grungy approach to everything she wears. If I ever feel too dressy I ask myself “what would Mossy do?”


Outfit #4 – Shimmer and Shine

Whipping out another old faithful. All over black sequin leggings, silver foil vest top and that good old fringed gemstone studded waistcoat. (Both HnM, leggings £5 vest £2)
Considering it’s likely to rain the first night I thought pants would be appropriate. Given the fact that there will be Lazers everywhere this sequin look will be shimmering the night away.

A hat may join the party here am thinking black fedora at present? 


In any packing situation I always take a few extra pieces incase the occasion calls for something different than planned.

This ethos has saved my wardrobe on numerous occasions. When I’ve take vests but need a shirt, when I’ve taken jeans but the weather calls for shorts.

In this case I have a spare black tunic that I “borrowed” from my mum and my favourite suede tan HnM shorts. Finally some thing every girl should own, an oversized worn denim shirt!

That’s your lot, whist y’all might be thinkin that’s a lot of thought to out into one weekends wardrobe. I’ve been places before and under packed or not pre planned and had actual meltdowns when trying to get ready.

Hair and make up don’t tend to rate too high in my thought processes as it just depends what my Barnett decides to do on the day, but face wise I’m loving my new mulberry and vamp lipsticks from Sleek makeup and a golden eye crayon from Barry M.

Give me your thoughts, comments or just take inspiration, in the meantime I’ll try not to complicate things further by buying more outfits.

Thanks for reading lovelies 

fromtheBowery out 💋

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