Creamfields 2016: An Epic Way to Spend a Bank Holiday

Well my lovelies after a long breakaway from festivals I was a little anxious about attending a 3 day long one at Creamfields this year.

Just me and my man away from the lil one with nothing to do but drink, dance, eat and be merry.

My worries were unfounded as I’d heard so many rumours about how messy Creamfields can get, but we had a blast and paid for it until today.

Here’s what made my weekend epic

Amazing Music Talent

There were tons of acts on, so many I fact that we struggled to narrow our choices down. My musical tastes run a little different to my fellas so there were some small compromises to be made. But in the end I was able to see everyone on my list. Luckily there weren’t to many clashes. From Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike to Dvvbs and many more of my favourites that had me bouncing until the close. I even found a new artist to add to my Deezer playlists, Timmy Trumpet who played a delightfully banging set accompanied with a tinkle on his trumpet. Such a great diversity with something for everyone…aslong as its loud and of the dance music variety that is.

Stages and Venues

The thing that made me wish to attend this year above any other year is a new venue/structure The Steel Yards. After doing a little festival research in my new job I came across the CGI on Creamfields website for their new and exciting stage.

Lazers hooked onto moving mechanisms that dipped and surged with the music. Basically a huge steel tunnel made out of girders and covered in silver mesh! Safe to say it made any performance in there 10 times better in particular Chase and Status’ set was the stuff of legends.

On top of this there were two huge outdoor stages for the headlining acts of the evenings fixed with pyrotechnics to blow your mind and light displays to do the same. Then there were four separate circus type tents with speakers producing base lines you could feel through your feet and into your chest. A true dance lovers paradise.

The Fab Food

As somebody who loves airplane food am not one to shy away from festival vendor food. The best thing about a festival is nobody will judge you for eating a 10″ pizza for breakfast followed by a chicken kebab for lunch and noodles for tea. This year I was amazed at the variety of vendors selling everything from vegan wraps to Mexican burritos, there wasn’t a thing off limits so my tummy stayed full. Also I really took a shine to a particular vendor serving Brazilain grilled chicken wraps, not greasy in the slightest and really tasty and refreshing with the salad.

Really Wicked Rides

If you’ve had your fill of jumping around or fancy a change of pace there was plenty of alternative entertainment to keep you occupied. Bungee balls and towering spinning rides, Waltzers and test your strength booths. It was a mini fairground in the middle of a huge dance party.

The best one had to be the bull ride, but lie I had never seen before. This one had about six bulls lined up and each one could fit three people. When everyone was saddled the ride began bucking tilting and twisting throwing scantily clad girls and burly boys alike from the saddles. Watching was better than being on the ride for sure.

Surprisingly Pleasant People

There are some awful stories that go around about the type of folk that attend Creamfields. I’m here to squash them all. Each person me and my fella spoke with, danced with or accidentally bumped into where super friendly and just out to have a great time. There wasn’t one instance when I felt uncomfortable during camping or a performance.

There was sadly a small disruption that occurred in one of the nearly empty fields, we were sitting enjoying the glorious weather when all of a sudden the crowds began to part and what looked like a gang of barley 15 year old boys had pulled on bandanas and decided to throw plastic bottles at each other. My fella assumed this was a rival gang battle, but as I assumed they were merely school kids who’d somehow slipped the age barrier and had themselves a harmless bottle throwing brawl. Kids?!?

The Superb Staff

On my first day I was astounded at the lack of staff. Other festivals I had attended had 100’s of festival staff clad in shiny jackets there to help if needed. Turns out the lack of staff was down to the lack of people attending the Friday festivities. As Saturday’s and Sunday’s crowds rolled in loads of rubbish pickers, bar backs,security guards and general staff presences appeared to help the extra   Festival folk.

Plenty of Cash Bars

There’s nothing I hate more than a slow cue that you cannot see the end of. At Creamfields the bar is in full view of the cue. You sort of wind your way around the back of customers able to see service moving along and if there’s a hold up you instantly know why.

Something else that grinds my gears is tokens for bars! Whoever thought of this concept needs making an example of. Why in good gods name would you want to stand in a cue to get your bat tokens then go and stand in the bar cue?? Thanks to the genius of Creamfields organisers the bar was cash and cards. Perfect.

There’s more to say but these were the best bits by far. Being an old get these days I think is reconsider pulling a full weekender for next time, or maybe opt for a Dreamfields package. This is definetly a festival memory of mine that will last for all the right reasons.

Thanks Creamfields 2016!

Love me xx

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