Hen Party Dilemas: Guest Post

Arranging a hen party sounds simple enough, but trying to get a group of girls to agree on anything, let’s admit, it can be a nightmare. There will be key decisions that you will have to take, whether you are the bride or the maid of honour.

Dilemma 1: Should the hen night be a surprise or planned with the bride?

The majority of hen nights are arranged in consultation with the bride. They may not know everything that is going to happen on the night, but they usually know the date, who has been invited, and where the party is going to start.


If you are arranging a surprise, make sure it is something that the bride would really love. Be honest with yourself; is she a burlesque dancing, male stripper, all night drinking session kind of girl, or would she prefer a cookery class and a manicure? Also consider whether you have the resources to pull off a surprise party. Will you be able to contact all the people she’d want to invite? Will you be able to arrange a date when you know for sure she doesn’t have anything else planned?

Dilemma 2: One night or more?

It is becoming more common for hen parties to take place over an entire weekend. Taking a trip to a different city for a hen party can be a great way to get that party feeling.

Many hen party groups opt going abroad. Unsurprisingly there will be a larger range of activity options for you and for your friends in the UK. No matter what the tastes and preferences of your group are you’ll be able to find something that suits all of you. The options available in the UK are as varied as the hen parties, whether you are looking for beaches, big city excitement or buzzing nightlife, you will be spoiled for choice.


Of course these types of hen party can be very expensive, and you will need to judge whether the people the bride wants to invite can afford it.

Dilemma 3: What hen party activity?

Struggling to decide what activity to choose for your hen weekend? Have you thought about a dance lesson? Dance activities have become extremely popular for hen parties. Why? Dance lessons are unconventional, fantastic bonding experience and create memories that your group can look back on and laugh heartedly.

Remember, hen party dance activities are extremely popular amongst ladies are typically booked months in advance. So, if you want to take dance lesson on your hen weekend, it is imperative that you plan ahead and make necessary arrangements. Look through the dance activities providers’ websites, gather all the information you need and make reservations for the dance lesson well before the hen weekend to avoid last minute disappointment.

Throwing a good hen do is easy. Just use some of the other ideas already out there. Start browsing around different hen party sights to get a good idea of what other people have done with great success for their own hen do.  Good luck with the planning!

Guest post written by http://www.spicyhen.co.uk

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