How Do You Style Yourself?

Okay so I’m one of the ba-jillion girls who love fashion.

I admire top designers, big brands and the vintage greats.

Any fashion related programme on TV is recorded and series linked on my Sky + and more often than not the better ones get the special keep treatment so I can watch them over.

Every week I probably read about 10 different fashion magazines and I have a Pinterest account with all my favourite inspiration for “How to dress” for any occasion.

I also believe I have a forward thinking sense of style that is all my own. I don’t follow trends as I feel many of them don’t suit my taste or body shape.

Yes I am a vertically challenged individual.

With all this said I still struggle when styling myself.

Sure I can tell my 5 foot 5 little sister what she looks good in. Whether she wears it or not is another matter.

Even my mum loves my style advice. So why the difficulty when it comes to me?

I’ve recently decided to tackle this problem by coming up with a few little mantras for when I’m putting an outfit together. Maybe you guys can use them too.

Ask yourself “What would Mossy do?” 

Even though Kate Moss is an entirely different body shape and age to myself I still take a huge amount of inspiration from the way she dresses.

Her laidback style and simplistic way of dressing always looks asthough she just threw it on.


source; Hapers Bazzar and Telegraph

This is something I try and achieve daily.

I never want to look like I have spent a week planning an outfit, even if I’ve been toiling over it in my sleep.

My look is always aiming to seem effortless but chic. Stylish yet comfy and above all my own.

Take off the last thing you put on

An amazing piece of advice from fashion legend Coco Chanel.

If you are any sort of fashionista then you’re well aware of Coco Chanel and her pioneering beginnings. Turning trussed up over dressed well to do women into the fabulously dressed creatures of couture we know today.


Her ideas where born from an idea she had. That women’s clothing was far too restrictive and that the fuss of over accessorising took away from the natural beauty of a woman.

Today Chanel house is captained by fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. A man who never strays from his signature look and yet is able to make legions of women believe that they must have his latest apparel.


It is both Coco and Karl that come to mind when I put together any look. Less is more and stick to your signature style.

Dress for the occasion

For me going to an event is like attending a fancy dress party. The ideas I have for a specific look I want to achieve are always influenced by what I plan to be doing that day.

For example Chester Races 2014 (a year before pregnancy). I was planning my outfit based around the TV show I was watching at the time. Indian Summers. I had fallen in love with high society of the early 1900’s.

Downton Abbey was up there with a few others and I was inspired by how the ladies of the house dressed to suit each and every occasion.

Riding out taking part in the hunt, involved heavy will overcoats, elbow length riding gloves and crisp white shirts with high necked ruffles.


Taking a drive one had to have the obligatory white billowing chiffon somewhere on her person.

Therefore I had lady Edith in mind when assembling my races day outfit. Thinking of pale yellow form fitting tops in wool or cotton paired with a crisp white pleated knee length skirt.


Visions of finger less white lace gloves and a sculpted straw hat were among my accessory choices along with some sensible neutral wedges.

The perfect races day outfit looked superb in the sunshine. Set against the crisp green grass and bright jockey colours. I felt every inch a lady of the manor and the whole outfit came from vintage or charity shops.

Inspired by street style

On any other normal day I’m usually on route through Liverpool city centre contending with the enviably chic business women or trendy students. It’s here I utilise my wardrobe and create outfits based on others that have caught my eye in the city.

New Year’s Eve is another occasion I like to plan ahead for. It’s important to me to look like a celebration but not like a bloody Christmas tree. Easily done when your aiming for sparkles.

This year I’m choosing a popular item that’s back in the shop windows that I’ve had in my wardrobe for years.

A simple knee length pleated silver skirt. Layered chiffon with an satin underskirt. I plan on pairing this with a full sequin shirt and disco high platforms. Let the shopping commence.

Knowing your body shape

As I said already I know what looks great on my sister . I believe this could come from the fact that she looks pretty amazing in everything.

I can also style my mum even though she has an almost identical body shape to mine.

My thoughts on this conundrum are that I can see their bodies on full from an outer perspective.

Even with the help of full length mirrors I can’t seem to get an accurate idea of what suits me and what doesn’t. I have a distorted perception of how my body shape is showcased in certain garments and sometime imagine myself to be taller and skinnier than I actually am.


A reverse on most women’s body shape conundrums.

A new trick I’ve tried is finding a celebrity with similar proportions to my own. This hasn’t really paid of though as most of the ladies who are my size and shape are of the girly frilly variety.

Whilst I’m aware that figure hugging skirts and curve accentuation is key to enhancing my shape, I’m just not that kind of girl.

So for now I’ll have to rely on trial and error. The more I hear people say “I like what you’re wearing today” the higher that outfit ranks in my good books.

So that’s how much thought goes into getting dressed each day. I’m amazed there’s more room for actual motor functions and reasoning!

Love ya’s

Lau 😝

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