The Best Bits of Barcelona

Better late than never I say. Went away with Mum and my Lil sis in a birthday break for my 30th. The terrible twosome surprised me with a trip after having had Sici and to mark the occasion of me getting on. Safe to say I hated the thought of being in a different country […]

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New Decade, Perfect Life

After a few years of uncertainty, and a Smidge of hard graft, I’ve reached the goals I’d set myself at 11 years old…….with an unexpected one thrown in too. Thanks to the amazing company I’ve joined I have been given the opportunity to realise my potential as a writer. Since starting in April after what […]

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Good day happy followers Recently I have been part of an experience which has made my head spin. I live in close proximity to two young girls, on a walk I bumped into their father who was meeting them from a school bus stop. He quickly and quietly informed me that the girls had been […]

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I’m Back babies!

Sorry for my prolonged absence people. I have a very good reason though, I am now blessed with the most beautiful baby girl, Little Miss Sienna Nicole Christian, may your world be the best I can provide. From here on in my posts are to be baby free as, although she is my heaven and […]

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Think We’re Finally Grown Up

My world was turned upside down when I discovered me and Mr Christian were expecting. Being so non-maternal (thanks Mum), all my friends and family were beyond shocked. I’ve always said i was too selfish to be pregnant as I enjoy my socially active life, BBQ’s with lot of beer in the sunshine is my […]

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First Thing’s First

Setting the tone to our adventure together, I would like to make mention for those who are my main inspiration. So read carefully “I shall blog zis only once”; My Lil Sis – a rare beauty with as wacky a view on the world as me, proof that we all need a sibling. My main […]

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